Topic outline

  • Module 3: CSS I

    Introduction to CSS. Inserting and Applying CSS

    What is CSS? The language of style is CSS which stands for Cascading Style Sheets. In general, the visual output of the web page is the combination of HTML (structure) and the CSS (style-appearance). In this submodule and we will learn the basic syntax rule, "Selector {Property: Value;}

  • Module 4: CSS II

    Selectors. Pseudo-classes. Display properties. Navigation bar

    Selectors. In this submodule, we will learn how to use CSS selectors to "find" and select HTML elements based on their name, id and class. We also learn to apply CSS rules to multiple classes and to specific content in a list.

  • Module 5: Tables, more elements

    Table-HTML. Table-CSS. Div - Span elements

    Table-HTML. Tables are used very often. We use them to display visually data organized in rows and columns. In this submodule and we will learn how to use HTML markup to construct a table.