• How to Practice Training Within Industry

    While Training Within Industry is a fundamental building block for Lean, putting it into practice comes with some unique challenges.

    Here are a few things to consider before rolling out a TWI strategy in your own workplace:

    • Bring frontline managers up to speed. Before getting started with TWI, you may need to provide some supplemental training to bring frontline leaders up to speed. Frontline supervisors may not be clear on the scope of their role and the ins and outs of the processes they manage.

    • Get top management to champion TWI. As with any cultural change initiative, TWI works best when there’s a champion driving change from the C-suite. Your champion serves as a unifying force, helping frontline managers avoid resistance from workers who don’t like change.

    • Consider developing job instructions earlier in the process. Developing job instructions earlier in the process allows you to build a more comprehensive set of instructions that address the full range of challenges you might encounter down the road.

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