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Workplace Trainings

Workplace Trainings: a boost for every business 


Customize the look and name of your teaching site to match the brand positioning, values and identity of your organization, company or institution. 

Compliance Training     

Create recurring  certifications based on programs with a defined validity period that need to be retaken and keep your employee certifications up to date. 

Organisation structure 

Adapt the software to your company structure defining roles and hierarchies that automatically create reporting lines. Assign management rights and security permissions to each role. 


Multi-tenancy  architecture allows you to give each of your divisions, departments or franchises their own full LMS platform with custom permissions so you can delegate the LMS management to the people actually doing the job. 

Dynamic rules 

Save on your admin  time by automating common processes such as enrolments,  certification allocations, messaging and lots more with a set of ‘if  this then that’ rules that you can define, template and save. 

Report builder    

Save time by  generating reports easily in a drag and drop interface with instant  preview, filtering and aggregation of data from various sources.  Schedule reports to be sent automatically to different audiences. 


Design, issue and  verify digital certificates on completion of courses, programs and  certifications. 


Helps trainers to  set up face-to-face appointments with employees.