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Solution for K-12 Schools

Boost your bottom line, drive growth, and empower staff through efficient, compliant school management.
From enrollment to graduation, LMS saves paper, time, and human resources by providing intuitive digital tools for registration, compliance, and the end-to-end organizing of student information. By simplifying back office operations, we allow your administrators to run their school more efficiently, freeing up valuable time for them to focus on student needs and growth.

Teach-Points LMS is based on Moodle and offers a highly flexible and interoperable solution to ensure sustainable and effective education in K-12 institutions.

The popularity of Moodle  as a K-12 Learning Management System is largely due to the platform's flexibility and interoperability due to its open source framework. Teach-Points allows educators to create a fully customizable platform that can meet the needs of students of all levels in primary and secondary schools. Entire districts can run on a single LMS platform with segregated functions to meet the needs of teachers and students across schools and classrooms. With Teach-Points you can flexibly customize your platform to get exactly the features you need to meet your educational goals.