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Solution for High Education

We believe the future requires more than LMS. So at Teach-Points, we've moved to a model where instead of creating self-hosted web-products, our focus is intended for cloud solution in the market can provide - an integrated flexible Cloud LMS platform to provide you with a unique experience with a wide a range of opportunities designed to improve student achievement and academic performance.

For effective learning, your institution must provide engaging, dynamic and accessible learning. Teach-Points is Moodle based LMS, the world's most widely used Learning Management System, provides a flexible solution that can be easily integrated with your university's most critical systems to deliver efficient and orderly learning that benefits both students and staff. With Teach-Points LMS you can benefit from:

Integration in Real Time

Real-time integration allows you to quickly, instantly import and export user data, including names, IDs, grades and attendance. Streamline your course enrollment process by sharing information between your university's two most important systems. Eliminating duplicate data entry helps streamline and automate processes for educators and educators, and can also help improve retention and accountability by documenting changes as they occur.

Analytics and reporting

Maximize learning initiatives and increase student achievement with robust reporting in your LMS. In Teach-Points, educators can create custom reports on virtually any trackable student information, allowing real-time analysis of student progress at the individual, course level, or even faculty level. This gives educators the ability to quickly change course when student performance falls short of the expected trend, providing the additional instruction and assessment needed to get them back to normal. It also gives agency leaders the visibility they need to effectively manage their teams or departments.

Competency Based Education

Competency Framework: The competency rules make it possible to grant points to each child competency and allow learners to collect sufficient points from different competencies to have a parent competency met.

Learning Plans: With competency frameworks comes the ability to create learning plans. Learning plans allow for the assembly of competencies creating a map of sorts so learners clearly see where they will begin to learn and demonstrate their knowledge.

Use Cases: Institutions who have created writing across the curriculum or STEAM integration projects could create those program elements as a competency framework. Instructors could then identify competencies that will be covered in their course and map them directly to the assignments where students will focus on those skills.

Blended learning

The responsive design of Teach-Points allows instructors to create dynamic synchronous and asynchronous training programs. This allows instructors to assess on-site participation, online assessments, and formal and informal learning data in one system, providing content for online sessions, providing a space for assessing face-to-face work.


Scalability is at the heart of the design of the Teach-Points LMS, with administration features that allow you to easily group instructors and course content into learning units, instantly change permissions and access levels, and easily transfer content between modules. Whether you need to support 100 or 10,000 course units, the tools can help you scale as demand grows.